Arctic Cat snowmobile checklist


You should perform a full check of your machine prior to your first outing of the year to ensure everything is in proper working order. 
Items to check include:

Air Intake: make sure nothing has clogged your intake
Throttle: squeeze the throttle and make sure it moves freely
Brake: squeeze the brake lever to ensure it works properly and does not go all the way to the handlebar grip
Track: ensure proper tension adjustments
Idler or bogie wheels: check to ensure they turn freely
Slide rail/high-fax: check for wear
Skis: check for proper alignment
Wear bars and carbides on skis: check for wear
Lights: check bulbs and connections
Injection oil mix on 2-strokes or oil level on 4-strokes: check level and quality
Gear oil level: check level and quality
Spark plugs: check color and condition (may want to carry extra on any trips you have planned)
Drive belt: check for wear (Good idea to have an extra one on hand)



Before you start your snowmobile, check the following:

  • Weather forecast: your clothing (to ensure appropriate clothing for weather) and the wind chill factor
  • Throttle: it should freely return to the idle or closed position
  • Snowmobile: 
  • Fuel and oil levels
  • Ski assemblies and rods
  • Drive belt
  • General mechanical conditions
  • Handlebars (they should turn both ways)
  • Emergency & Safety kit & equipment

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